Providing a One-Stop RegTech Solution for Enhanced Compliance

Our team embarked on a mission to offer a comprehensive regulatory technology solution that empowers businesses to achieve higher compliance levels.

The central idea of the project was to develop a user-friendly web application that serves as a reliable guide to compliance for businesses across various industries.
Client aimed to provide businesses with a clear understanding of regulations, enabling them to make informed decisions and take proactive steps to ensure compliance. The project aimed to bridge the gap between complex regulatory frameworks and practical implementation, promoting ethical and legal business practices.


The project resulted in a significant transformation:

Web Application:

Backend: Developed on a foundation of Node.js and Express.js, furnishing a scalable, high-performance server-side structure.

Frontend: Constructed using Node.js and React.js, culminating in an instinctive user interface that facilitated seamless interactions with intricate regulatory information.

Database: Deployed MySQL to meticulously manage and safeguard data encompassing regulations, compliance statuses, and user profiles.

Service Technology
AUI/UX Design
Web Application Development